About Dr. Page

Dr. Michael Page was born and raised in Central California. He graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose California in March 2000. He has been in active practice since that time.

He has focused his career on the non-surgical treatment of neck pain, back pain, headaches and accident cases. He has post-graduate training in triage, diagnosis, and treatment of auto accident patients. While he welcomes all patients who are in pain, and certainly all patients in pain have common problems, he has special expertise in the treatment of those injured in auto accidents. He loves helping people return to the things they love: sports, exercise, playing with and spending time with family.

For most, the #1 reason they seek his care is not pain, but rather the things which you can’t do as a result of pain. Things like sports, family vacations, and spending time with loved ones.

Dr. Page has been married for 26 years, has four children and loves all sports, hiking, tennis, basketball and natural health and living as his hobbies. Most prospective patients want to know what kind of person their doctor might be: he is very thorough and pays close attention to detail. He prides himself on being able to diagnose and treat most all conditions – but recognizes when a patient should be referred to someone more qualified or in a different specialty.

Below is Dr. Page’s curriculum vitae. This outlines his occupational, educational, and work history as well as his post-graduate studies and certifications. His credentials are impressive and his results are equal to them. His greatest achievement is helping someone maintain their mobility and independence, aiding them to avoid drugs and surgery, and helping them to understand what’s really wrong when they enter the office in order to live the life of their dreams.

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